2005 Recipients

2006 Treasure Valley NAACP Annual Scholarship Program in Celebration of Brown v. Board 52nd Anniversary: featuring Wilberforce University Choir.

Scholarship Program 2006
NAACP Scholarship Program Corporate

As part of the overall NAACP “Call For Action In Education” (a call for action that seeks to guarantee that all students are provided an equal opportunity for a world-class education) it is the goal of the Treasure Valley branch to pursue and implement programs and plans that ultimately can be measured by the achievement of our students. It is not only our commitment, but our responsibility to see that every child who desires to continue their education is armed with the necessary tools to build a solid foundation so they may be able to realize their potential, their hopes and their dreams.
Given this goal, we are pleased to we are proud to present the Treasure Valley NAACP Back-to-School/Stay-in-School Scholarship Program for local high school seniors and local students attending college or university. The 2004 and 2005 scholarship program was made possible by generous contributions from area businesses including American Family Insurance, Bank of America, Micron Technology and Wells Fargo Bank.

In 2004, we were proud to be able to offer a total of four scholarships. In 2005, we were very pleased to be able to provide seven scholarships for Treasure Valley students. These scholarships have been made possible by the generous contributions of American Family Insurance, with one scholarship for $1,000; Bank of America, with one scholarship for $1,000; Micron Technology, with one scholarship for $2,000; and Wells Fargo Bank, with four $1,000 scholarships. In 2006, our goal is increase this number again. If you are interested in the Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship program, you simply need to complete the application form(s) and return on or by March 1, 2006. Click on the below links for the scholarship applications.

American Family Bank of America Wells Fargo Micron

Past Scholarship ReceipentsOur 2005 group of high school seniors and college students were not only academically minded, but outstanding citizens and positive influences and role models among young adults in their communities. Scholarship recipients are featured below and were formally presented with their scholarships on May 17, 2004 during the 51th Anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education Recognition Luncheon.

The 2005 Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship recipients are:

Sharlay Butler
Kayla Davis
Jo-ann Getcha
Megann Holmes
Jantzen Meza
Kiara Powell
Nathan Rogers

Sharlay Butler

Sharlay Butler Sharlay Butler “A natural leader, driven, dependable, with a relentless” drive are words that emanate who Sharlay is and how she is known throughout
her school and in the community. She has demonstrated perseverance against many
odds to be a top-ranked student. Not only is she an academic success, she is also an athletic success. Sharlay is confident, competitive, and passionate in every aspect of her social, family, religious, and academic life.Sharlay has exemplified hard work and integrity through her successes accomplished during high school. She has held many jobs during her high school experience including lifeguard and YMCA basketball referee. Maintaining a 3.4 GPA, working, and taking accelerated classes has been a life changing experience that she will use as a platform for future successes. She excels in Spanish and speaks the language fluently. Sharlay has been a valuable member of the Timberline Varsity Girls Basketball team. She sets the tone and doesn’t relent until the task is completed. Sharlay has contributed to the community and school in various clubs and programs offered via her school. She has volunteered for the Idaho History
Convention for years, organized the History Club fundraisers and projects, and
assisted in organizing Black History Month at Timberline.

Sharlay’s accomplishments include:
• GPA 3.47
• Alpha Wolf Distinguished Student Award
• Honor roll for three years in a row
• Southern Idaho Conference Award for a GPA of 3.5 and above
• Division 5A State Runner up in Basketball
• Division 5A State Academic Champion in Basketball
• YMCA Youth Court-Elected to state conventions as Appellate Court Judge
• International Club Public Relations Officer
• Andrew Moller Catholic Basketball Tournament
• Drama Club Officer
• Nation Anthem soloist at school events

Sharlay plans to further her education by majoring in pre-law or psychology. She would enjoy a college
experience at the University of Idaho.
The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is proud to award Sharlay with the American Family Insurance—Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

Kayla Davis

Kayla Davis Kayla Davis Kayla Davis is the very epitome of resilience. She is driven, dedicated and committed. Despite having her father pass away unexpectedly her sophomore year, Kayla has maintained a 3.88 G.P.A., while taking several advanced lacement classes. In addition, she has worked full-time throughout her high school years, showing maturity beyond her years.Kayla has an ethical and strong value system and is a positive role model for her peers. The person she admires the most is her
mother—Kayla attributes her strong work ethic to her. Kayla is a consistent, solid performer in the areas of academia, athletics, and in the community. Some of Kayla’s attributes are difficult to put into words or express in sentences because they take on a feeling about her rather than a verbal summation. Her actions speak louder than her words. Kayla has an internal drive to be the best person she can be. She relishes in challenging herself to do better and strive in all aspects of his life.

Kayla’s accomplishments includes:
• 3.88 GPA
• National Honor Society Member
• National Honor Society History Co-President
• Idaho Top Scholar awarded by University of Idaho
• Student Equality Achievement League (SEAL)
• Cheerleader as a Sophomore
• Outstanding Volleyball Player of the Year
• Three sports awards
• 4.0 GPA award across 6 semesters
• Maroon award for college
• Presidential award for college
• Accepted into a selective minority business program, LEAD


In the fall, Kayla will be attending the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management. Carlson is in the top ten nationally ranked schools. Kayla plans to double major in business management and marketing. Her desire is to become a consultant for a company like Deloitte Consulting.
The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is proud to award Kayla with the Bank of America—Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

Jo-Ann Getcha

Jo-Ann Gretcha Jo-ann Getecha “Outstanding young woman, with a personality that is both warm and considerate” are a few phrases used to describe Jo-ann Getecha. The praise does not stop there: motivated, conscientious, dedicated and enthusiastic are
a few more. Capital High School senior Jo-ann Getecha is an exceptional student and person. Born and raised through age nine in Nairobi, Kenya, Jo-ann and her family relocated to Boise, Idaho and have recently became United States citizens. She has strong command of several languages including Swahili, Kikuyu (her tribal language), English, and Spanish. Jo-ann has a tremendous future ahead of her in the field of pharmaceuticals and medicine and plans to join the World Health rganization to fight disease and sickness in developing countries, including her native homeland, Kenya where the AIDS epidemic is rampant.Jo-ann’s accomplishes include:
• 3.6 GPA
• Member of the National Honor Society; National Honor Society Historian for
Capital High
• Band Director’s Award, the President’s Award for Academic Excellence
• Recipient of the National Buckeye Plus Scholarship
• Member of Capital High’s fine band and orchestra program
• Named to ‘Who’s Who among American High School Students
• Big Brothers/Big Sisters Organization–big sister
• Event coordinator and volunteer–Ethnic Dinner, Diversity Week, Mix it UP at
Lunch Day at Capital High
• Member/Leader in SEAL Program (Student Equality Achievement League)
• Eagles in Flight–student mentoring program
• Volunteer for Idaho Food Bank, The Soup Kitchen, Art in the Park and the
Boise Philharmonic Youth Organization
Jo-Ann is well on her way as she has already been accepted at both the University of Ohio and University of Michigan, and has decided to attend U of O. She is also currently registered the university’s pharmacy program and plans to minor in language.
The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is honored to present Jo-ann Getecha as a Micron Technology Society of Treasure Valley Scholars. Jo-ann’s scholarship is in the amount of $2,000.

Megann Holmes

Megann Holmes Megann Holmes Exemplary qualities including: inspirational leader, responsible, talented, never afraid to raise questions and seek answers, balances many activities and a challenging academic schedule, are the words used to describe Megann Holmes.Megann is a senior at Capital High School where she has demonstrated her academic commitment by maintaining a high grade point average while taking on a challenging advanced placement courses and being extremely active in extra curricular activities by participating in sports, clubs and organizations. Megann has already show strong management skills in her position as Co- Chairperson for the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southwest Idaho (BBBS) fundraising dinner “Magical Moments” in which she was responsible for assembling and leading a team from area schools, creating the event theme, vision, and mission, creating marketing materials and giving presentation to potential sponsors.

Megann’s accomplishes include:
• 3.86 GPA
• National Honor Society
• United Dairyman of Idaho—Distinguished Student of the Week
• Outstanding Students of America Scholarship Finalist
• National Society Daughters of the American Revolution—DAR Good Citizen
• Idaho Rotary Club’s Student of the Month
• ‘Making a Difference’ published article on her community service
• All Academic Swim Team of Boise
• Capital High School A.S.B Vice President (and past Treasurer)
• Member of the Teacher Grant Committee for the Boise School District
• Historian—St. Alphonsus’ Jr. Auxiliary
• Key Club Historian


Megann plans to attend college out of state and has applied at well-respected institutes including The College of William and Mary and University of Virginia
Megann plans to study political science and one day be elected to the Senate. The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is proud to award Megann with the Wells Fargo Bank—Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

Jantzen Meza

Jantzen Meza Jantzen Meza More than an exceptional student, Jantzen Meza is truly a humble and caring person, with a drive to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. That drive has allowed Jantzen to master English and excel academically. She has demonstrated her maturity and dedication in reaching her goals. Born and raised in Lima, Peru, Jantzen located to Nampa, Idaho with her family in January 2004. In this short time, she has accomplished so much. Jantzen did not let her limited English deter her. Instead of listening to discouraging remarks that she would not be
able to learn English and excel academically, she focused and studied very hard to achieve her goals in both areas.Jantzen has earned the respect and attention of her peers and is a role model for those around her. She is a motivating influence and is a constant voice for young adults–encouraging them to stay in school, work hard and providing a positive example of what an individual can achieve.

Jantzen’s accomplishments include:
• G.P.A. 3.617
• National Honor Roll, High Honor Roll, National Honor Society
• Who’s Who Among American High School Students
• Impact Club
• Member of the Future Hispanic Leaders Organization
• Mentor,


Upon graduation, Jantzen plans to attend Walla Walla College, and major in Business Administration, with an emphasis in accounting, followed by an MBA
The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is proud to award Jantzen with the Wells Fargo Bank—Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.


Kiara Powell

Kiara Powell Kiara Powell Described as an extraordinary athlete who has excelled in all athletics endeavors she has pursue, Kiara Powell is consider one of the top female player in her age group in the Intermountain Tennis Association. Kiara’s accomplishments are not limited to the tennis court; she is a talent student as well. From a young age, Kiara has set high standards and goals for herself and successfully met each one. She keeps a rigorous academic and extracurricular schedule without complaint or expectation of special treatment.Kiara is a mature and determined individual, who has managed to carry her excellent on-court sportsmanship over into everyday live. She is cheerful, polite and caring–as she is a mentor to up and coming young tennis players and community minded as she spends free time volunteering at the Woman’s Shelter and the Mission through Cole Valley Christian High School.

Kiara’s accomplishments include:
• 3.1 GPA
• Honor Roll
• Three time Idaho State Girls Single Tennis Champion
• National Ranking in Tennis in the top 50 nationally
• Captain, Capital High School Tennis Team
• National Tennis Tournament Sportsmanship Award
• Scholarship recipient to attended Saddlebrook Tennis Academy
• Best Offensive Basketball Player Award
• Member, Capital High School dance team


Kiara is reviewing several universities, including Washington State University, Boise State University and Texas Christian. She plans to study forensic science, pediatrics or criminal justice.
The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is proud to award Kiara with the Wells Fargo Bank—Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

Nathan Rogers

Nathan Rogers Nathan Rogers It is rare to find a person is who shows equal strengths in both academics and the arts, usually an individual excels in the one or the other. Nathan Rogers is one of those rare exceptions; he is an accomplished musician with an emphasis on performance. Nathan is also an outstanding student that has
demonstrated his dedication to his formal education by making amazing strides in
advanced placement science course, mathematics and government courses. Nathan’s academic and musical performances are equally impressive, as he earned the highest grade point average his first semester as a freshman at Boise State University. His skills as a problem-solver and the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and written have been demonstrated in all levels of his work, as it is clear in thought and well organized.Nathan has volunteered his time and energy to the Red Cross, peer assistance
program and his church choir, as the pianist.

Nathan’s accomplishes include:
• 4.0 GPA College; 3.97 GPA high school
• Member of the Boise State University Honors Program
• Member of Opera Idaho
• Boise State University Symphonic Winds
• Boise State University Meistersingers, Men’s Choir and Jazz Choir
• All-State Mixed Choir
• All-State Band
• All-Northwest Men’s Choir


Nathan is currently studying to earn his B.A. in music at BSU and plans to attend graduate school at one of the following institutes: The Julliard School, The San Francisco Conservatory, The Boston Conservatory or The Curtis School of Music.
The Treasure Valley NAACP Education Committee is proud to award Nathan with the Wells Fargo Bank—Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship in the amount of $1,000.

2004 Recipients