Scholarship Program

NAACP Treasure Valley Scholarship Application 

As part of the overall NAACP “Call For Action In Education” (a call for action that seeks to guarantee that all students are provided an equal opportunity for a world-class education) it is the goal of the Treasure Valley branch to pursue and implement programs and plans that ultimately can be measured by the achievement of our students. It is not only our commitment, but our responsibility to see that every child who desires to continue their education is armed with the necessary tools to build a solid foundation so they may be able to realize their potential, their hopes and their dreams. Given this goal, we are proud to present the Treasure Valley NAACP Back-to-School/Stay-in-School Scholarship Program for local high school seniors and local students attending college or university.

If you are interested in the Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship program, you simply need to complete the application form(s) and return on or by May 31st, 2018.

These scholarships have been made possible by the generous contributions of the community & local businesses such as:

If you would like to donate to the cause, please see our donation page.