Equity. Dignity. Opportunity.

Since 1919, the Treasure Valley NAACP has been committed to champion equal rights and opportunity for all citizens in our community. Join us today to make a positive difference in people’s lives.


The Treasure Valley NAACP is an advocate of civil and social justice. As the oldest and largest civil rights organization in America, we engage with leaders in state and local government to provide a voice to the voiceless and drive change for the common good. Find out more about what we’re doing in the Treasure Valley, and what you can do to join our cause.

Future Leaders & Influencers

We work to ensure students who desire to continue their education have the means to realize their potential, hopes, and dreams. Through the Treasure Valley NAACP Scholarship Program, we are committed to providing students with financial support to continue their education at a 2-year, 4-year, or vocational-technical institution.

Community Partnerships & Collaboration

The Treasure Valley NAACP is honored to have long-standing relationships and support with many reputable companies and organizations throughout the Treasure Valley. Together, we support the cause of social justice and equality, and are committed to extending hope and driving positive change in our communities. Take a look to view our business sponsors and collaborators and learn how to become a partner of the Treasure Valley NAACP.