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An advocate is a person or group that publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy on behalf of others. When it comes to civil rights, the NAACP is your advocate.

That’s why we are here to assist and direct you in your pursuit of addressing and resolving civil and social injustice, backed by the power and voice of the oldest and largest civil rights organization. Our well-connected volunteers have access to officials in city and state government, law enforcement, legal representatives, and similar non-profit organizations to assist you.

Civil Rights Complaints

The NAACP is in place to address civil rights complaints and violations for all citizens from all walks of life—people of color, underserved, unrepresented, and the majority alike. The Treasure Valley Branch of the NAACP is here to make sure the system is working for you, not against you.

If you feel you have experienced a civil rights violation, please contact us with your concerns in writing. We can only accept written complaints. Once received, your complaint will be processed and reviewed by our legal redress team, a committee comprised of local attorneys and law enforcement volunteers, who will determine if your complaint meets the criteria of a civil rights complaint. If your case does meet the criteria, appropriate action will be taken to move your case towards a satisfactory outcome.

The instructions for filing a formal complaint either online or via the mail are listed below:

Steps to Filing a Complaint Online:

To submit your civil rights complaint, please complete the online form indicated below. Click the “submit” button and your complaint will be officially processed. You will receive a confirmation letter or telephone call once your complaint has been reviewed.

Steps to Filing a Complaint via Mail:

1. Document, in writing, the situation and involved parties. Please provide specific details (names, dates, complete situation, steps or action taken to date).

2. Provide your current contact information (day/evening phone number, email address), so that we can contact you directly. Send documentation to:

Treasure Valley NAACP
Attention: Legal Redress
P.O. Box 8436
Boise, ID 83707

3. You will receive a confirmation letter or telephone call once your complaint has been received.

4. After formal review, a followup letter and/or telephone call will be made to provide you with the status of your complaint and then a statement of action will take place.